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I decided to sum up our plans and to answer the frequently asked questions we receive via mail and facebook.

Hockenheimring 2016

The Hockeinhemring track from 2016 Formula 1 season has been released today and is available here. Please, find the work that has been achieved compared to 2014 version: t1 anticut, longer exit, curb at turn one, added wider part of exit curb at turn one, added anticut on exit of turn 6, added green asphalt on the right – turn 8, added blue asphalt on the exit – turn 11, added orange anticut in the exit of turn 11, added green asphalt on the left- straight between turns 11 and 12, added green asphalt inside of turn 12, longer and wider exit curb at turn 12, added strip of grass on the left at turn 16, added anticut at turn 16, added german flag on the asphalt – turn 16, wider curb and longer green carpet in the last turn, new pit exit line, remodeled inside wall in pit exit, new grass texture, new 3d grass.

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About Baku

Baku is a brand new track that will certainly be used only for 2016 season. If you want it for rFactor, it means we have to create it from scratch which takes at least 1 month. We are not passionate about this track but if the demand is very high, I will open a collaborative project page for the track where all of you can donate the amount of your choice. If we reach a certain amount, then the paypal transactions will be accepted and the work will begin, otherwise, I will give you back all your donations. Please comment below if that solution please you.


We decided to do the big move to Automobilista. All of our content for rFactor 1 will remain available on the website but the development will be stopped. We analyzed all the possibilities (other simulation software, stay on rFactor 1) and using Automobilista is the solution that fits everyone’s challenge and needs in the team. We hope to build a sincere friendship and partnership with Reiza studios in order to provide quality content for its users.

We are still available for private projects on rFactor 1 and other simulation softwares through this contact form.

Written by Tom

Founder of WCP-series

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  1. Racing7 Reply

    Are you going to release the new version of the F1 2016 mod by PeterGER?
    And you about the others 2016 tracks? You promised that on your FB page
    Thanks for answer

  2. Gabriel Hernandez Reply

    thanks for all they have done for rFactor 1 Please do not leave
    to do things rFactor one many of us who continue with rFactor
    it is because there is potential in the game and we need more quality and graphics for the game rFactor. It apologize for my English is not very good

  3. F1SimulatorManiac Reply

    Hello guys sorry to hear you’re leaving rFactor. I respect you choice but it makes me sad in a way. Anyway I hope we can collaborate for next year for a new 2017 mod for a private project.I talked about this with Alain. let me know.

  4. Azat Reply

    Hi Tom

    You build the rF-circuits very good and realistic.
    I would be ready do donate about 5 EUR for your Baku-Project!

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