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Here is our first public version of our 2016 Formula One modification for rFactor 1. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project (Alain, RSCT, Heka, The Sim Racer, Riccardo Cinti, David Prieto and Nello Pastorino).

Introduction video


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Link of the mod page

Find our portfolio item right here: F1 2016 WCP

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Written by Tom

Founder of WCP-series

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  1. Peter (GER) Reply

    Hello WCP team.

    It’s me again, Peter (GER)

    I have the 2016 Mod tested times now.
    There is a problem with the steering.
    Now I know not whether the tires have an error.

    When I drive Ultra Soft, I have under control after 4 rounds already.
    I have to turn the steering wheel more and more to turn the corner.
    After 6 rounds the vehicle is traveling straight ahead,.

    Even with the other tire compounds this happens, only a little later.

  2. Peter (GER) Reply

    Hello WCP team.
    I have the error corrected, with the rapid wear of the tire.
    Have improved the whole physics of the tire.
    The Grib is better and also Verschleisss.

    But the best is !!!!!
    It is possible to select all 3 tire compounds in the game.
    It these mixtures are available:
    Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft
    Super Soft / Soft / Medium
    Soft / Medium / Hard

    Then I have again improved the transmission and engine performance.
    And the cockpit view changed to the real view.

  3. Nitro McClean Reply

    There is quit a history of modern F1 mods for rFactor. I have tried them all in the past, and on different periods in time different mod teams made the best F1 mod of the year. My favorites where WCP (back in the past), F1RFT, Sandrox and, in 2014, WCP again. For me, the F1 2014 mod from WCP still is the best all time rFactor F1 mod.
    And, every year, there a mod’s appearing on the internet made by different people, which feel like “quick and dirty”, but at least, these mods are there at the start of the F1 season. For the big names, as mentioned before, we have to wait to almost the end of the F1 season.
    Every year it looks to me like a battle with Codemasters; which one is first, the official F1 game or a decent F1 rFactor mod. Well, it looks like WCP has won this year. We can pre-order the official F1 game (not that I want one) but we still have to wait before we can have it. And now, we can use the WCP F1 2016 mod.
    It looks very, very good, it sounds very good and it drives not bad to me. The visual aspect looks very good to me compared to the best looking rFactor mods I’ve seen so far. The audio does sound good, a little bit like Codemasters. And we can choose Max Verstappen and Danill Kvyat in a RedBull and a Torro Rosso.
    “It drives not bad” means I think a lot of people will like the physics, but it doesn’t feel realistic enough for me.
    I don’t like the tires, I still prefer the WCP F1 2014 tires. These have a special “realistic” feeling, which I still consider as one of the best ever made for rFactor. And the engine torque curve is not what it should be.
    There are some smaller “unfinished” details. The cockpit view of all cars need some editing. I can see the backside of the driver seat, the backside of the driver helmet, the edge of the cockpit model in the Renault, or only part of the steering wheel in another car.

    The problems with the tires, the engine torque curve and the cockpit view I can fix myself. But there is one problem which is not so easy to fix for me. Which is the power this mod is asking from my computers. In the past, it was the norm to drive 22 or 24 F1 cars at the same time. Today it is possible to drive only 12, or with this WCP mod, only 8 cars on my computer. And to be honest, it makes these modern mods not better looking compared to the mods which I can drive with 24 cars at the same time. I don’t see the point of making modern modes so heavy. So why is this? Is it because it is easier to make a heavy mod good looking, the make a lighter mod good looking?

    But all together, thank you very much WCP for this great F1 2016 mod! And, of course, thank you very much for still making mods for rFactor!

  4. Hans Reply

    Will this mod be ported to Assetto Corsa? I want it so badly for AC!

  5. F1SimulatorManiac Reply

    Best mod so far for 2016. The only issues i have are:

    1) impossible to get working the real feel plugin.

    2) tyres dosen’t change color in the replay. I het always the super soft.

    3) red bull cockpit view should be changed like the 2015.

    5)Need some work on the breaking torque.the car should be more unstable on hard breaking also.

  6. Kiiri Reply

    May I ask for the templates? I want to customize a bit my mod and that would make it a lot easier…

  7. Jorpaes Reply

    MOD 2015 had the template of the Mercedes, it would be interesting to repeat to 2016.

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