Welcome everyone,

After long weeks of discussion with a few talented modders, we decided to change the positioning of WCP-series. Our main goal is to provide high-end quality cars and tracks for rFactor, rFactor 2, Game Stock Car Extreme, Automobilista and Assetto Corsa according to your demands.

Focused on quality

To offer the best quality, we decided to launch the collaborative projects. On the website under the « Community Projects » category, you will find all the projects we have started. Depending on the project, you can donate to remunerate our 3d artist, 2d artists, sounds maker and ingame processing specialist. Anyway, our projects are free to download and the work has already started before you decide to donate. However, every donation will help the project to be released faster and with a professional quality. Moreover, a little margin is calculated to have the opportunity to invest into other projects such as racing events with prizes.

Still free and will always be

Downloading our modifications, cars and/or tracks, will remain free. The possibility to support us by project will allow us to work with professionals to provide the best modifications ever. Plus, all the projects will be decided by YOU ; you just have to vote or suggest a project and the most popular ones will be launched. Thanks to this initiative, we will also build a contact e-mail adress for any needed support.

Still made with passion

WCP-series was born with passion of motorsport and simracing. Since 2008, we try to adapt to the needs of the community but everything became harder. Our vocation is to offer you what you want for your favorite simracing platform. To be on top, I convinced professional artists to team-up with me according to this goal. Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners. F1, Formula 1, the Formula 1 team names and liveries and the Formula 1 tracks names are all property of their respective owners. WCP-series does not have any affiliation with the FIA or the FOM and the modifications are created as free add ons to be enjoyed by those who love the sport. Please respect the rules and regulations governed by the FIA and FOM and do not use any of their trademarks for commercial purposes without express prior consent from them.

Thanks for your support and see you very soon on track !

Written by Tom

Founder of WCP-series

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