F1 2014 WCP 3.0 Released

Hi everyone,

Here comes the F1 2014 WCP 3.0 Final Version for rFactor. As you may know, WCP series is working on several projects, that’s why we didn’t find the time to achieve all of what we intended to do for the 3.0; that means there is no major graphical update.

Changelog 3.0:

=> brand new physics, for new driving experience (less arcade, more pro driving) by Alain Fry and Kimo Kama
=> we can reach very high top speed with new physics
=> all special helmets by JA1981
=> Will Stevens in the mod
=> better AI driving
=> New classes (From Australia to Abu Dhabi)


F1 2014 WCP Trackpack released !

Hey rFactor fans !

Finally the full trackpack from WCP-series of the F1 2014 championship has been released. A lot of effort and time has been put into it, please respect that and thanks for your patience. Thanks a lot to Marek for his fantastic work on this. The trackpack includes for sure the latest round: Abu Dhabi. I decided not to release it earlier to encourage you to download the full final trackpack. All the tracks have been reworked a lot, it has nothing to see with the experimentals 2.0 version released earlier. For those who meet FPS issues, you can find a lighter SCN into the folders of each track and if it’s not enough I will improve the SCN again and add the files on the forum.



Here you can find the changelogs, still some things have been done and not written here:

MELBOURNE – Roadshaders, sky, 3d grass, new second pit build, fixed startlights and loading error, white/blue allianz pit sponsor, longitidunal real data, AI performance fixed, gravel tdf fixed
SEPANG – Roadshaders, sky, improved grass texture, 3d grass, improved curbs textures, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
BAHRAIN – Roadshaders, sky, added second DRS zone, 3d grass, improved grass texture, in day works now fine(without black hills), white/blue allianz pit sponsor, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
SHANGHAI – Roadshaders, sky, added more fog, white/blue allianz pit sponsor, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
BARCELONA – Roadshaders, sky, added second DRS zone, white/blue allianz pit sponsor, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
MONACO – sky, added DRS zone, new asphalt texture, improved buildings’ shadows, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
MONTREAL – Roadshaders, sky, new grass texture, added drs lines, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
SPIELBERG – Roadshaders, sky, new grass texture, 3d grass, updated safety car position, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
SILVERSTONE – Roadshaders, new grass texture, 3d grass, new faster AIW, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
HOCKENHEIM – Roadshaders, sky, new grass texture, 3d grass, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked, fix tdf mistake (hole in the track)
BUDAPEST – Roadshaders, sky, 3d grass, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
SPA – Roadshaders, sky, new grass texture, 3d grass, updated safety car position and pit windows, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
MONZA – Roadshaders, sky, 3d grass, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
SINGAPORE – Roadshaders, sky, improoved day (without lights), longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
SUZUKA – Roadshaders, sky, 3d grass, new asphalt texture, fixed bug at turn 2, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
SOCHI – Roadshaders, sky, 3d grass, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
AUSTIN – Roadshaders, sky, 3d grass , longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
INTERLAGOS – Roadshaders, sky, new pit exit, 3d grass, improved colors of curbs, fixed roads’ sinking, longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked
ABU DHABI – sky , longitidunal real data, AI performance tweaked (no roadshaders possible on this track but we enhanced the GMT settings for a good looking though)


A word about F1 2014 WCP 3.0, we started a lot of projects as you may know, and this time of the year is very demanding about studies and work, so we didn’t find the time to improve graphically the mod but the update will come and include brand new physics and some other stuff, thanks for your understanding. And 2015 is coming very fast too.

WCP series at the top for Christmas !

Hi everyone,

We haven’t released some new content for rFactor since a long time but today I’m proud to announce you that we’re heading to many projects that will surely interest you.

Firstly, I wanted to give some news about the trackpack, all tracks are done, we’ve entered in a new phase: enhancing the tracks with a lot of new features (dynamic sky with 3D clouds, realistic day night transition, vibrating kerbs, roadshaders, better AI experience, minor issues fixed, and more). Already Melboune, Sakhir, Shanghai and Sepang have been updated to 2.0 version. I will update the download links, the article and the threads on wcp-series.com as soon as possible.

Then, the F1 2014 WCP V3.0 project. We’re working hard on it and my goals are: adding special liveries, special helmets, GP upgrades, enhancing carshaders, include the Single Player version, and more… Let’s talk about the SP mod, it’s done, you’ll be able to race a full season with the car of your choice, with brand new physics, single for each car. The AI experience is brand new, and believe me, these are hours and hours of work behind all of this from KimoKama and Alain Fry.

About the Historic Project, it’s not dead, maybe it’s our most active project, we have a lot of cars incoming into rFactor: Renault RS01, McLaren MP4-5, Benetton B195, … More information about this soon.

Also, Haunetal, a friend of WCP, is making a Formula E model from scratch and we granted his permission to use the car model to make a mod around it, that means WCP would bring HD skins, realistic physics, sounds and all a top mod needs ;)

To finish, many of us are asking for the F1 2011 WCP 2.1a mod… I want to make a V3.0 version of this mod with many features, would you like it? Feel free to react to this on the comments here or on Facebook, our projects are based on your recommandations !

Have a nice day,


Support WCP-series

Hello everyone,

Nobody forces you but if you want, you can support WCP-series by donating whatever you want, nothing, 1€, 2€, 5€, 10€…

It will help to keep the website/forum alive, we pay 100€ for the hosting service, we create mods for free and spend our free time to provide the best mod for the community.

Also, depending on what we will receive, I would like to organize Racing Events with very low entry fees so everyone can race and prizes for the guys on the podium.

Here is the PayPal button for those who are interested:


Thank you everyone and have a nice day ! ;)

16/08/2014 – Releases

Don’t miss SIlverstone 2014 and Hockenheim 2014, they’ve been released !

You can download them into our trackpack 2014 category !

F1 2014 WCP – Mid-Season – How is the progress?

Hi guys,

It’s time for some summary. We already have 5 car models ingame (v0.45) and still a lot of work to do. I have plans for the others car models, and some of them are already ingame into my own rFactor. The next cars should be the Caterham and the Ferrari coming along together in a v0.5 beta.

About the mod itself

The 8th gear is a major issue into this mod but it should not be a problem as we’re in touch with RFE guys, they didn’t give up, and we should have a taste of the upcoming version of the RFE plugin soon.

Alain is working hard on the physics, thanks to your feedback, we’re doing a nice job to get closer to reality and to what people wants. Keep giving your feedback on the forum it’s very important !

About new cars


The Ferrari model has a little issue we’re fixing with raff19 and I may ask Adam for a brand new scratch skin for it.

The Caterham just needs to be converted and that will be done soon, the model looks ok and it looks like it doesn’t need any fix.

The Force India is also ready (and ingame) but the nosecone must be modeled again from scratch because it’s not looking realistic yet.

The ToroRosso model is ingame, but I’m not happy with it as it lacks of faces where it should look all smooth, I’ll see if I can fix it or if I’d need brand new scratch model by raff19.

I have no real plan yet that I can communicate about the Marussia and the Sauber but I will tell you guys very soon when I’ll have.

About actual cars

The Mercedes needs the mirrors to be remapped and then the model should be fine. Adam is painting the driver suits (I’ll have a story about it later for you guys). Still need the 2014 Steering Wheel (Nico/Lewis) version.

I’m satisfied of the RedBull, it’s looking pretty good and realistic ingame, it just needs the 2014 Steering Wheel.

About the McLaren, I have to add the cameras on the sides of the camera then the model will be ok. I also lack of special liveries, but they should come soon in an upcoming beta (v0.5 or v0.6).

The Lotus looks pretty good to me, maybe I’ll have to fix an issue with Grosjean’s skin as the car appears black for some people. It still needs the 2014 steering wheel.

I’m really happy with the Williams model even if some people are asking for some shape fixes, it can’t be done, we only have one modeler who’s very busy and there are priorities ! We added Susie Wolff car into the v0.45. A non-alcohol livery is needed though.

About the tracks

Our latest released track is Silverstone. Don’t worry, the others are coming, we’re just slower as our tracks maker, Marek Adamus, has a summer job so he can only work at week ends from now on.

Important message for you guys

If it’s not already done, please, register at www.wcp-series.com/league/; you guys will have exlusive downloads, news, previews and much more… I will organize a big race when the mod will be done. (news about it soon)

Please, we’re closing the 1000th members, I guess it’s for the mod, be active as a beta tester, give us you’re feedback, just download and close won’t help the mod to go forward.

Remember that the content is private, if you see anyone leeching or providing another download, report to us, so we will either sue or taking down stuff directly with the host provider.

I go on holidays for the whole week, but don’t worry, I’ve given the tasks so when I’m back I will upload a new beta with new car(s) and new stuff/fixes… !!

About the release date, if we all push hard, we should get all cars (not final version though) by the end of summer !

F1 2014 WCP – New content

This is not in rfactor, only the model we’re going to use.

Williams FW36 by Hega

Williams FW36 by Hega

RedBull RB10 by Gezere
RedBull RB10 by Gezere


Ferrari F14T by Excalibur

Ferrari F14T by Excalibur


McLaren Driver Suits 2014

McLaren Driver Suits 2014

We’ve also made the new McLaren nose in upgrades and all the special liveries. (screenshots soon). At the moment we have the STR, Force India, McLaren and RedBull ingame… Stay tuned ! If you have any pictures of steering wheels, cockpit, upgrades on a car, cameras view, do no hesitate to post in comment, we will be grateful !

We hope to bring you a great F1 2014 WCP for rFactor ! Any recommandations are read carefully so come on and tell us what you want !!



Bahrain 2014 released + Exclusive F1 2014 WCP screenshots

The WCP-series team worked hard to provide you guys a nice Bahrain night in time, we hope you like it. Please notice that these screenshots are relative to a very WIP mod. Also, the Bahrain McLaren livery has been made after that the screenshots were taken. Stay tuned I should post later in the night or tomorrow some screens/renders of it with the nose update.

screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4 screen5 screen6 screen7 screen8


Bahrain 2014 for rFactor is available in the tracks section, in “2014 Trackpack” in the menu of the website.